Bath Guildhall

Air Pollution

BANEs, in common with many others, is in breach of European directives on this issue but appear to be doing little to remedy their breach. The EU appears to be accepting this situation far too easily.

The reduction of NOx and small particulates needs to be set as a key objective of any strategy. We also think that there needs to be more monitoring of small particulate pollution in the city centre canyons such as Broad Street where there is residential housing.

We think that any strategy needs to be based on realistic assumptions and well researched forecasting rather than wishful thinking about technological progress and radical changes in peoples’ behaviour.

One of the factors that increases pollution in the city centre is people driving around the city seeking somewhere to park. We have been very disappointed by the failure to progress plans to build more out of town parking, particularly to the east of the city. However, we also recognise that people need to and want to drive the cars into the city. We therefore believe that it is important to have better planning for what to do with vehicles coming into the city that need to park.

We would like to see measures taken to reduce the number of highly polluting vehicles that enter the city. This might well be achieved through measures such as a low emission zones, restrictions on diesel vehicles and expansion of freight consolidation services

Aerial View

Members of the CCAG with EU Environment Commissioner Vella, Julie Girling MEP and Tim Warren Leader of BANES Council