Bath Guildhall

Air Pollution

The air quality management area covers all the parts of Bath where levels of NOX pollution exceed levels regarded as safe by both national and iternational agencies

Approximately 8,500 people live in these polluted areas

We are lobbying the council to:

Any strategy needs to be based on realistic assumptions and well researched forecasting rather than wishful thinking about technological progress and radical changes in peoples’ behaviour.

Goods vehicles should wherever possible be incentivised to use out of city freight consolidation hubs.

Low emissions zoning can play a role in increasing the rate of uptake of both out of town parking and less polluting technology.

While cycling and cycle routes have a role to play it also needs to be recognised that in the confined space of the city centre the needs pedestrians and cyclists are often not compatible

The provision of high speed broadband needs to be seen as part of any integrated transport solution as a mechanism for shortening and eliminating physical journeys.

Aerial View

Members of the CCAG with EU Environment Commissioner