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Poor enforcement and inadequately resourced enforcement are now emerging as key issues in many of the areas concerning residents.

Without an effective enforcement regime in place all other regulations and regulatory actions become meaningless.

For instance:

All licensed premises should be made to adhere strictly to their licence conditions.While, licensing officers work with other authorities in a multi-disciplinary group to make targeted inspections to licensed premises. These large inspections are by the very nature relatively infrequently and often not during the hours where breaches are most likely.

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All licensed premises should comply with planning conditions but decisions of the planning authority are too often flouted for considerable time before effective enforcement action is taken.

Excessive noise from music, observable both on the street and in the nearest premises is routine in the City centre in the early hours of the morning. However while Environmental Protection Officers will make planned visits to investigate ongoing noise complaints which occur outside of office hours they are not routinely available at all at night when most noise nuisance happens. We work closely with BANES Environmental Protection Team to ensure that they are aware of residents' concerns and that residents understand how to report complaints and get help. Other enforcement agencies, such as the police, on the whole ignore noise as an issue

The Council’s Air Quality Management plan calls for improvements to the enforcement of the Traffic Regulation Orders designed to reduce pollution from heavy goods vehicles and with rising levels of pollution damaging both human health and the historic fabric of the city implementing these improvements is long overdue.

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Too often regulations are made with little or no planning of how they will be enforced. This does nothing for the credibility of the regulators or the regulations and leaves residents feeling short change and abandoned.

One area we are currently focussed on is the issue of begging. Begging and particularly aggressive begging is a serious problem for residents, businesses and visitors in the city centre. This is a complex issue and as well as supporting the police in their enforcement initiatives we are also supportive of outreach programmes by agencies such as Julian House and other interventions.

The historic town centre is littered with trade waste dumps.

They often block pavements 24 hours a day seven days a week the highways authority do not take action. Why? They are often a smelly health hazard but environmental protection takes no effective action. Why? Waste dumped anywhere other than the perimeter of your premises constitutes fly tipping but waste enforcement takes no effective action. Why?