=== Bath City Centre Action Group
Pulteney Street

City Centre Issues

Proposed Rec Car Park

550 space car park under proposed Rugby Stadium and the impact on pollution and the CAZ. 3,000 - 4,000 extra car movements per day in and out of proposed car park will have an alarming impact on local pollution levels already at very high levels in approach roads of historic core at Sydney Place, Bathwick Street, etc. Our goal needs to be reducing levels of congestion in every area of Bath, NOT reducing it in one congested area by displacement into other congested areas.

Hotel parking permits

Hotels make money, effectively gifted from BANES.

Traffic Management

The relationship between various proposals: WECA, CAZ, LTN, plans for diversion of through traffic etc in the light of the Clevedon Bridge closure. We have concern that some of these merely involve traffic displacement rather than traffic reduction.

BANES Strategy for Green Space in Bath incl relationship between pedestrians and cyclists

What is BANES wanting to do on green spaces (green lungs that are so key to residential amenity).

City Centre flat dwellers and BANES policies

Electric charging points for the c.2,500 City Centre flats.

The proposed security zone

Assembly Rooms